1. Terms & Conditions

The following terms & conditions (the “Rules”) govern the rights and obligations of BAY247 MANAGEMENT LIMITED and/or BAY247 CWB LIMITED (Business/Branch Name: BAY247) and you.

2. The Club Facility

The club is operated by BAY247 MANAGEMENT LIMITED and/or BAY247 CWB LIMITED (the “Company”). BAY247 is the Club of enrollment where you join and pay the fees. The Company has appointed a Management team (the “Management”) which is responsible for the operation of the Club in accordance with the Rules, as the same may be amended from time to time.

3. Damage to the Company's or Public Facility

All Members and Guests are responsible for all damage that occurs as a result of fault or negligence. All members and Guests shall immediately report any such damage to the Company or its staff. All members and Guests should pay reasonable replacement costs for any and all damages caused.

4. Enrollment of Services / Service Plan

a. Enrollment and continued tenure are subject to the Rules as are from time to time in force and which may be amended by the Management at any time of its discretion.
b. Individuals who are at least eighteen (18)years old may apply for enrollment. Applicants must complete the application form and other documents as may be required by the management. It is mandatory for applicants who are below eighteen (18) years old to have their Parent/Guardian sign and fill in this Application Form on their behalf.
c. The Management reserves the right to reject an application for enrollment to BAY247 for any reason whatsoever or without assigning any reason therefore.
d. Your enrollment is personal to you and is non-assignable, non-transferable, and non-refundable. You may not loan your Membership Card to anyone else or permit it to be used by anyone else.
e. Upon acceptance of an enrollment application, you will be issued with a Membership Card (which shall remain the property of the Company) and you shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges exercisable by the class of enrollment for which your application for enrollment has been accepted. If a Membership Card is lost or misplaced, the Management will issue a replacement Membership Card subject to the payment of a processing fee.
f. BAY247 membership Agreement Categories
i. A Trial Membership Plan
ii. A Signature Membership Plan
iii. A Prepayment Membership Plan
g. BAY247 Agreement Fees
i. You shall pay an initial Monthly Fee and Administration Fee of the sum specified depending on your chosen membership. Fees are non-refundable and shall become due immediately upon your enrollment being accepted. The amount of Monthly Fee and Administration Fee are subject to change without prior notice.
ii. Upon enrollment and as a condition for the enjoyment by you of your privileges associated with the Club, you shall pay a monthly fee (the “Monthly Dues”). You shall be required to pay the Monthly Dues in advance by automatic debit of your bank account. If for any reason, the company is unable to collect the Monthly Dues through the automatic debit of your bank account, such as when the bank account has been closed, expired, or terminated, you shall immediately pay the Monthly Dues. Failure to make an automatic debit of your bank account in a timely fashion will result in your enrollment and access being suspended temporarily until the outstanding balance is paid. Legal action may be taken to recover outstanding payments, including late charges.
iii. Monthly Dues may be increased, subject to thirty (30) day’s notice, at the discretion of the Management. Such notice requirement shall be deemed fulfilled upon posting in the Club and on the designated notice board notice board within the Club or in any other conspicuous areas within the Club of any increase in the Monthly Dues for thirty (30) consecutive days prior to the effectiveness of any such increase.
iv. The Management reserves the right to introduce and vary the prices and categories of Plans from time to time.

5. Prepayment Membership Terms & Conditions

a. The member who wishes to submit a special request about their membership must submit an application to your Key Account Manager and will be processed by the Management. The Management reserves the right to make all final decisions on such applications and can approve or reject any requests, where an Admin Fee will be applied to any changes to your membership.
b. The member’s Green Fee will be charged according to the Club’s current Green Fee Price List.
c. There will be no extension available for memberships that are expired.
d. Top-ups will only be available for memberships that are not expired, where the membership expiration date will be changed accordingly.
e. All applications for changes in membership must have at least 2 weeks’ notice.

6. B247 Academy Terms & Conditions

a. Golf lessons are not transferable and its offers are entitled to the applicant only.
b. Our staff has the right to request valid identification for application verification.
c. The applicant is bounded by all related terms & conditions, where BAY247 reserves the right to amend these terms without prior notice.
d. In case of disputed, the decision of BAY247 shall be final.
e. Those who apply for any lesson package must complete the lessons within 12 months from the registration date or the package will no longer be valid.

7. Limitation of Liability

In consideration for Management accepting your enrollment application for a Membership Agreement and for the continuous grant of enrollment, you agree that:
a. Neither the Company, the Management, the Club nor any of its/their employees or business, actions or legal proceedings due to death, injury, loss, damage or theft to a person or property arising out of, or in connection with, your use of any of the services, facilities of the Club (save in respect of death or personal injury arising out of the negligence of the Company, the Management, the Club or their staff employed to supervise the Club). You hereby hold the Company, the Management, the Club, any of its/their employees and agents harmless from all claims which may be brought against them by or on your behalf for any such injuries or claims as aforesaid and all costs and expenses incidental thereto.
b. Any Guest of yours or a temporary visitor to the Club agrees to abide by the Rules and subject to the same limitation of liability as you are bound by.
c. Your warrant and represent that you are in a good physical condition and that your knowledge of no medical or other reason why you are not capable of engaging in active or passive exercise and that such exercise would not be detrimental to your health, safety, comfort, or physical condition.
d. The Management reserves the right to refuse entry of anyone for safety, health, and security reasons and you agree to hold the Company and BAY247 free and harmless for any and all claims, damages, or liability arising from such refusal.

8. Expulsion of a Member

The Management may terminate a Membership Agreement of anyone:
a. Without notice and with immediate effect if the Member’s conduct, whether or not of such conduct is the subject of a complaint by other Members, is such that in the reasonable opinion of the Management, it poses a threat to the security, safety or health of the other Members or staff members.
b. Without notice and with immediate effect if the Member shall have committed any breach of the Rules as are from time to time in force.
c. Without notice and with immediate effect, if Management believes the Member is conducting Personal Training Services, business, or other services without formal consent of the Management.
d. If any Monthly Dues, service charges, or any other payments required under the Member remain unpaid after the due date for payment.
e. Upon notice in writing, if the Company is of the opinion that the Member is not suitable or unfit for continued enrollment within BAY247. All decisions of the Management under this clause shall be final and binding. A Member whose contract is terminated by the Management shall forfeit all privileges associated with the Member with immediate effect. As a consequence of such termination, the Member shall forfeit any and all amounts which have been paid to BAY247 without the right to claim for any refund, including the Joining Fee, Administration Fee, or Monthly Dues for the month within which the termination occurs. On termination of a Member contract, he/she shall forthwith return his/her Member and any other property provided or assigned to them by BAY247 and shall settle any outstanding amounts owing to BAY247.

9. Conduct

a. All Members and Guests are required to wear proper golf attire when playing golf. Closed-toe, non-marking rubber-soled shoes are required at all times when playing on golf simulators.
b. Undressed or naked are prohibited at public areas of BAY247, the Company has the right to expel the person who fails to comply with the rules of conduct.
c. Skateboarding, skating, or sound instruments such as radios, transistors, or tape recorders are prohibited on the premises.
d. Illegal betting, gambling, drunkenness, bad language, or other misconducts are prohibited.
e. Lighted cigarettes, cigars, or pipes are prohibited in any area of the indoor premises of the Club.
f. Consumption of alcoholic drinks is prohibited from the premises.
g. Selling or promoting of any non-BAY247 product or service without the Company’s consent is prohibited.
h. All persons shall respect the comfort of other persons within BAY247 and keep the noise level to a minimum.
i. No pets may be brought into BAY247.
j. Cleaning fee may be applied.

10. Golf

a. BAY247 Members have the right to make golf reservations in advance in person or by phone depending on the terms of their membership plan.
b. Booking is done on a first-come-first-served basis and may only be in the name of the user who will be using the golf simulators.
c. Non-refundable cancellation policy applies. Bookings can be cancelled without charge up to 24 hours in advance. Cancellations made less than 24 hours / no shows will be charged in full.
d. Late arrivals will not be compensated.
e. Persistent failure by members to use the reserved room or bay may result in reservation by such users being refused.
f. Coach lessons must be arranged with coaches approved or appointed by BAY247.
g. Players must remain within the designated practice bays and not trespass upon any other bay.
h. Children below age twelve (12) should be under parental or coach guidance when using the facilities at BAY247.
i. BAY247 reserves all rights to cancel or suspend any training class or activity without any given reasons.

11. Provision of Personal Data

a. The Company recognizes the importance of the personal data you have entrusted to us and believe that it is our responsibility to properly manage, protect and process your personal data.
b. You understand, acknowledge and consent to the Company processing, collecting and using your personal data for the following purposes:
i. Processing, administering and managing your Membership Contract and membership payments;
ii. Contacting you or communicating with you via telephone call, text message, fax message, email and/or postal mail for the purposes of processing, administering and managing your Membership Contract;
iii. For conducting research, analysis and development activities (including but not limited to data analytics, surveys and/or profiling) to improve our services and facilities in order to enhance the services we provide to you, where you have consented for the Company to do so;
iv. Responding to legal process, pursuing legal rights and remedies, defending litigation and managing any complaints or claims;
c. As a Member, you have the right to request access to and correct your personal data held by BAY247 in relation to you, upon payment of a reasonable processing fee, and you can make such requests to BAY247.
d. If you have once accepted to give us and use your personal data, you may receive from us from time to time administrative news, direct marketing telephone calls, emails, SMS, direct mailings or other means, the same of which contain promotional materials. You may opt-out from receiving marketing communications at any time, free of charge by:
i. Email to : info@bay-247.com

12. Other

a. Lost property found in the Club will be held by the Management for a period of one (1) month from discovery, after which the Management reserves the right to dispose of the unclaimed items.
b. The Management reserves the right to use individual or group photographs of all visitors for press or promotional purposes.
c. The Management reserves the right to adjust normal hours of operation or to close the Club For the purpose of cleaning, decorating, repairs, maintenance, or for special private functions and holidays.
d. Members or Guests may not use facilities while under the influence of narcotics.
e. The Management may at its sole discretion amend, vary, delete or add to these Rules with immediate effect.
f. These Rules shall be governed and constructed in accordance with the laws of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.